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Mike Good
Owner, Personal Trainer

We opened our new location at 167 Elm Street in Manchester, NH in the beginning of 2013, and the amount of people coming in and signing up has been great. I've been doing this for over fifteen years - helping clients learn to exercise the right way. I don't believe in fads because they don't work. I plan on seeing continued success with my clients every day, because training hard pays off. Hard work and  motivation will give you lasting results you can be proud of. Every day doesn't feel like work to me because helping people is something that I am passionate about!


Home of the 90 Day Fitness Challenge
Every 90 days a new challenge begins!

Jenni over 45lb weight loss

Derek and Hilary
75lb weight loss WOW

Kelly and Shelly combined for over 160lb weight loss


Hashira has made some amazing progress in the last year. Hard work, dedication and attitude combined gave this woman what she needed to succeed!

Check out Hashira at the beginning of her in the video below.

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Hashira's Journey
Take a look at Hashira Rodriguez and her journey to lose 100 pounds. She is determined to make it and knows that her hard work will pay off.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
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